Company Overview

CBH Resources Limited is a significant producer of silver, lead and zinc in Australia. The company operates two mines in New South Wales, the Endeavor Mine at Cobar and the Rasp Mine at Broken Hill. CBH also operates a shiploading facility at Newcastle, NSW which handles the export of mineral concentrates on behalf of a number of NSW mines including Endeavor and Rasp.

The Endeavor Mine (Zn-Pb-Ag) is an underground mine that commenced operation in 1983 and was acquired by CBH in 2003. The mine is currently working to an operating plan of 720,000 tonnes per year to produce approximately 35,000 tonnes of zinc metal in concentrate and 17,000 tonnes of lead metal in concentrate. Endeavor has approximately 200 employees and contractors.

The Rasp Mine (Zn-Pb-Ag) at Broken Hill received development approval from the NSW government in January 2011 and construction was completed on schedule in April 2012. The Mine processes over 720,000 tonnes of ore per annum to produce 30,000 tonnes of zinc metal in concentrate, 20,000 tonnes of lead metal and 1 million ounces of silver in the lead concentrate. Rasp Mine employs over 220 people.

The Shiploader Facility is centrally located in the Newcastle Port and comprises rail receival, unloading equipment and under cover storage capacity, retrieval and shiploading facilities. In addition to loading Endeavor Mine zinc concentrate, it handles concentrates from other NSW mines and will handle concentrate from the Rasp Mine. It has a throughput capacity in excess of 500,000 tonnes per year.

CBH Resources Limited has focused exploration programmes primarily in the Cobar Basin and the Broken Hill District.

Following a takeover in late 2010, CBH Resources Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Toho Zinc Co., Ltd, a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange specializing in nonferrous metals refining.

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