Endeavor Mine

Commissioned in 1983 as the Elura Mine, the site has been operated by CBH since 2003 at which time the site was renamed Endeavor.
The Endeavor orebody is similar to others in the Cobar Basin in that it has the form of massive vertical pillars.  Extraction of some 30 million tonnes has occurred with remaining reserves expected to support production  beyond 2020.  The company holds approximately 30 kilometres of exploration tenements surrounding the mine and is actively exploring this ground with the intent of operating the site well beyond 2020 taking advantage of its significant endowment of infrastructure.  This includes plant and machinery with nameplate capacity in excess of 1 million tonnes per annum, a high security water license, fully sealed road to site and electricity distribution infrastructure capable of supporting significantly higher production rates. The company also owns over 80 houses and 60 units in Cobar that it leases to employees at significantly discounted rates.
The Mine currently employs over 200 personnel and is an entirely underground operation accessed by decline and shaft haulage with a concentrator, drying, storage and rail facilities on the mine lease.  In extracting the mineral, ore is mined from underground and stockpiled on the surface.  From here it is treated in a concentrator where froth floatation separates the particles of valuable zinc, lead and silver minerals from the waste.  Metal concentrates are then dried for rail freighting with the lead concentrate shipped to smelters at Port Pirie in South Australia and zinc concentrates to Newcastle for export into overseas markets predominately China.