The Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 introduced new reporting requirements for monitoring results collected under an environment protection licence. Endeavor Operations Pty Ltd is the holder of an environment protection licence for the Endeavor Mine and is required to publish monitoring data on its website.

Environment Protection Licence 1301 requires Endeavor Operations Pty Ltd to monitor deposited dust, sampled at five locations, monthly. Samples are collected and analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory with results measured in grams per square metre per month (gm2/m). Dust Monitoring Point 5 is located approximately 18 kms from the mine site and is used as baseline data and to indicate dust levels without contribution from mining activities.

The location of the monitoring points is provided in the Licence and is listed in Table 1. An aerial photographic view of the monitoring locations is provided in Figure 1.

 Table 1 – Monitoring Locations

EPA Identification No.

Description of Location (refer Figure 1)

Dust monitoring point 1

South West corner ML159

Dust monitoring point 2

South Western corner of ML 160

Dust monitoring point 3

North Western corner of ML 161

Dust monitoring point 4

North Eastern corner of 158

Dust monitoring point 5

Corner Louth Road and Morgan’s Road


There are no set limits for atmospheric dust deposition in the Licence. Endeavor Operations Pty Ltd has referenced the guideline criteria for deposited dust outlined in the Approved Methods and Guidance for the Modelling and Assessment of Air Pollutants in New South Wales (Department of Environment and Conservation, 2005), refer Table 2.

Table 2 – Guideline Criteria for Dust Deposition


Averaging Period

Maximum Site Contribution

Maximum Total

Deposited Dust


2 g/m2

4 g/m2


Monitoring Locations