About Newcastle Shiploader

The Shiploader (trading as ConPorts Pty Ltd) is ideally located in the Port of Newcastle which is the economic and trade centre for the resource rich Hunter Valley and for much of the north and west of New South Wales.

The facility offers a  professional train receival, storage and ship loading services for bulk mineral concentrates and covers full cargo superintendence including stevedoring, storage, supervision and maintenance back-up. Customers are provided with an efficient and reliable rail and sea transport interface.

The Shiploader was opened in 1983 by the then premier of New South Wales Mr Neville Wran and was acquired by CBH Resources Limited in 2003. The facility has recently undergone a substantial upgrade to accomodate the handling of Rasp Mine concentrates and further improve services to existing customers.

Loading capacity exceeds 500,000 tonnes per annum and the Shiploader provides services to both the Endeavor and Rasp Mines as well as other NSW mining operations. 

 Conports Pty Ltd: www.conports.com.au