Environment Policy

CBH Resources Ltd (CBH) is committed to protecting the environment. We share the desire of the community to develop our operations in ways that meet the needs of the present, without compromising the environment for future generations. We operate in a responsible manner that respects the environment at all stages of our business. We plan and perform and monitor activities so that adverse effects on the environment are avoided or minimized and remediated.

CBH requires projects and operations to conform to relevant state and federal legislation with the ultimate aim to achieve industry best practice.

CBH projects and operations will endeavour to:

  • Assess adverse environmental impacts and their potential and ensure mitigation measures are in place and acted upon
  • Set and regularly review environmental objectives and targets to achieve continuous improvement
  • Prevent pollution and promote efficient use of resources
  • Update plans for disturbance and closure and progressively rehabilitate
  • Protect natural, historic and culturally significant sites
  • Ensure that all people who work or visit our projects and operations are aware of and have the necessary skills to fulfill their environmental obligations
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of our Environmental Management System by conducting internal and external audits
  • Protect and manage biodiversity values
  • Seek, respect and consider community views
  • Openly communicate our environmental performance with our workforce, Government and the wider community

We will not compromise our commitment to sound environmental management for profit or production.