Health and Safety Policy

CBH Resources Ltd (CBH) is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. We aspire to zero harm to employees, contractors, visitors and communities from our activities and are committed to working with these stakeholders to continually improve performance providing mutual benefits.

CBH requires projects and operations to conform to relevant state and federal legislation with the ultimate aim of achieving industry best practice. Leadership in health and safety management is a primary accountability of all senior and line managers and supervisors consistent with their role in the Company

CBH projects and operations will endeavour to:

  • Identify, assess, prioritise and control hazards through effective risk management systems
  • Ensure plant and equipment is fit for purpose, used correctly and maintained in a safe manner
  • Conduct thorough investigations to prevent the recurrence of incidents and accidents
  • Maintain effective response and recovery systems with trained emergency response teams and proactive crises management.
  • Set and achieve targets and conduct regularly reviews to continually improve performance
  • Provide training and supervision to ensure people understand and meet their health and safety responsibilities
  • Provide resources to support health and safety effectiveness
  • Provide effective injury management and rehabilitation for all employees
  • Promote initiatives to reduce health and safety risks

 CBH Resources requires all persons in the workplace to:

  • Know and understand their responsibilities and the precautions necessary for their safety
  • Adhere to safe work practices, instructions, rules and statutory requirements
  • Promptly report hazards and incidents and take action to ensure the workplace is safe
  • Use safeguards and equipment correctly
  • Not place themselves or others at risk

Safety is the cornerstone of all CBH operations and the foundation from which the Company's production efficiency and financial results are built.